External System Triggers

I was discussing UiPath with some other folks within my company and received a question about having an external system trigger the launch and running of a UiPath program.

Is this possible? I think that there is the ability to schedule UiPath programs to run at a certain time, but I was unsure of whether we can have something else, like the results of a report for example, trigger the Run of a program.

Hello cpolicastro

The only external trigger we have right now is modifying a System folder which the running robot is monitoring

However, the robots in general can be started via API, so you can use two types of Web Services to start them, or Powershell, etc
So you could create a trivial piece of code that follows any external event you need, and call the Web Service for example


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Thanks, Alex. Exactly the answer I was looking for. Appreciate the info!

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