External storage in DR

Can you please help me what is an external storage in DR and who maintains this external storage (is that the client or the company who is developing the RPA) ?

DR? Where you found that and what is that @Swapnika? Actually I don’t find any such in the UiPath till now. can you help me elaboraing the question so that I can understand a bit more


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I just came across this post. Just like @HareeshMR mentioned, I also never seen such scenario in UiPath. But they do have disaster recovery mechanisms. But I’m not sure what you are referring to here on external storage. Can you give us some more information on what you are trying to do?

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DR - Disaster recovery

In disaster recovery plan we have external storage, i would like to understand more about this external storage, how it will be enabled or used / how can we configure this, thanks.

Hi @Swapnika

Check this

Need documents or material to understand high availability and disaster recovery in UiPath


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These documents don’t have the details related to external storage. Am looking the details for external stoagre concept in Disaster recovery.

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