External Apps oAuth Scope for Orchestrator Cloud API

Hi everyone,

I’m using the Orchestrator Automation Cloud API with oAuth 2.0 authentification for External apps.
I must therefore specify a scope when performing the oAuth process defining my application permissions.

I need to start jobs through the API. Thus, I need my process release key in order to pass it to the startJob Action request. I want to retrieve it from its name with the GET “/odata/Releases” request but I don’t have the right authorization and I don’t know which permission I should give my application.

I found the Permissions per Endpoint documentation here and it says I must give my app the Processes.View permission.

Unfortunately, this permission does not exist on the scope list on my Orchestrator External Apps tab.

More generally, is the documentation outdated ?
I had the same case for the startJob request : the doc says I need the Jobs.Create Scope when in reality it’s called the Jobs.Write on Orchestrator External Apps tab.

Does someone know which permission I need ? Or is there a documentation or something I’m missing ?

Thanks for your help !

Hi @Marmonier_Yohann
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Please check the following videos

You can find the complete information around orchestrator API and its configuration related details

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Solved my problem by giving my app almost every rights with the scope “OR.Tasks OR.Folders OR.Robots OR.Machines OR.Execution OR.Assets OR.Jobs OR.Queues offline_access”. Still don’t know which one is really used for the release request though.

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It’s OR.execution scope that you need to give, according to the swagger doc. Next time, just check the swagger doc instead as that has the updated scope in it. Hope this helps.


Oh I see, thanks,
I didn’t see there was a swagger doc, it’ll definitely bu useful !

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See here :slight_smile:


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