Extension for RDC not available for UiPath v2018.3.3

I am not able to find any Extension for Remote Desktop connection in UiPath version 2018.3.3.
I have read the document(below link) that v2018.4 or later supports the citrix/remote desktop extensions.


But, just wanted to know if there is any available extension/or any other solution for UIPath v2018.3.3 to perform activities after logging into remote server.

Below are the only available extensions I can see in UiPath Studio.

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yes its available from 2018.4 and in 2018.3 we can use other CITRIX automation methods as mentioned in this document

Cheers @manoj.parmar

Hi @Palaniyappan
Thank you for your response!

I have gone through the Document in the link you provided.
Also, would like to know if we can use the activities under UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities for performing operations inside Remote Desktop ? Or we have to just have to rely on the Native Citrix recording ?

For Example, When I am trying to capture an application window(using Element exists under UiPath.UiAutomation.Activities) in Remote Desktop, it just captures the whole remote desktop as a Window Element rather than selecting the application window inside remote desktop.

when we are using REMOTE DESKTOP we need to rely on Citrix or Image based activitiess like click image, Find Image, Image exists, On image appear, etc

Cheers @manoj.parmar

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