Extending existing nugetPackage




I am trying to implement my own Excel activities by inheriting the ExcelInteropActivity class available in UiPath.Excel.Activities dll which is available in its NuGetPackage. I created my own project in visual studio using this dll and created a NuGet package out of that. But, my activity classes are not shown on UIPath when import my NuGet package. If, I implement using my own ExcelInteropActivity class then it is visible in UiPath.

My requirement is to use the existing ExcelInteropActivity (in UiPath.Excel.Activities) rather than creating a new.



@aksh1yadav what do you suggest on this…


Well to do that you first have to familiar with the class , interfaces what is they are using and naming so without that how you will be able to extend or use them.

better to create a separate package as per your needs or better to go with extension method :slight_smile: .
chosse your own easy way to do things :slight_smile: