Expressions (Enter a VB expression) Improvement?

In various fields you are able to enter an expression. Sometimes there are 3 dots … which opens up the Expression Editor window which is essentially a large text box, I suppose to have more room to see the expression you are building.

My thought is that in many MS applications eg Access and also Blue Prism the expression builder has a tree with for example functions/variables that can be used in the expression to be built.

I personally like that format as you can easily see what available items can be entered into the expression and also they are split up into categories which makes looking for something fairly straightforward.

Just think this may be an improvement to the product (which I am enjoying going through the learning process with very much).

Here is an example of what I’m talking about.

I’m going through the learning examples for Number variables in part 8 it wants to calculate the intAge variable and uses 2016-intBirthYear. I wanted to get rid of the hardcoded 2016 and have that generate automatically, so I was going to use the Year function. When I type the Y I get a mini window that gives me access to methods/properties etc. but that only works for the first letter that I type, anything after that and the mini window is no longer there so I now have no assistance in building the function which will need to have a current date parameter passed to it (to extract the year). In my opinion its just easier to have the list of available functions etc. constantly on display in the expression builder than the tiny pop up window that is only really useful for the first letter you type and that’s if you know the function you are going to use.

All the best!