Expression [k (tab)]

What does the expression [k (tab)] that I have seen used in practice in the Orchestrator for RPA Developers course mean?
In practice it is used in a Type Into activity after writing a variable that contains the text to be written in the indicated field

I hope this would help…

[k (tab)] = single keystroke of Tab key
[d (tab)] = press down of Tab key
[u (tab)] = press up of Tab key
For example, to send a CTRL + V key combination, you can use %[d(ctrl)]v[u(ctrl)]


Yes, thank you very much, you have helped me.
More or less intuited that it was to tabulate.
What I don’t understand is why it uses that expression if the type into activity itself has the selector focused on the text box where it should write type into activity.
In the Demo it is explained that you have to use 3 type into activities, one for numerical data entry. And each type into has the selector pointing to the text box, so it uses [k (tab)] at the end of the text string (in this case stored in a variable), that is: variable + [k (tab)] , if then the following type into its selector already focuses the following text box?
I hope you can understand me and my query is not confusing.