Expression argument as a string in Excel sheet Add / insert without overwriting the content

I would like to use this expression and have it written into my Excel sheet as a string. How do I do that? The string should be written under the datatable in the Excel sheet (see pictures). Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi @Maxi_B

Where u want to write the expression
Us it under the Berechtigungen column ?

Yes either there or simply under the datatable where string is written on the picture

U can use write cell activitiy for this to write it under the column

when I do that nothing happens except that my data tables are entered in Excel.

Specify the cell in write cell as D2

This is the place u need to write as specified in the figure

now my string is overwritten again and again only in d3 and written there. My Program, It is a loop where the string should always be inserted after a read datatable. See image i would like to have my printout executed every time I run it and write it next to or under the datatable that has been read out. Thanks

Hi @Maxi_B

U can create a counter outside the loop and increment it at the end of loop

In write cell use that counter to write the data

Like this

Let’s say if counter is intialised with value of 2

Then u can use


Okay thank you i will try this :slight_smile:

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