Expose Saved Values to be consumed via REST API

Hey Team, First time posting and first day using UIPath so please forgive me if this seems simple but various Google Searches and Forum keyword searches turned up nothing.

I have a simple robot created which gets two fields from a website; one being a date, the other being the corresponding value for that date. I am looking to expose this value via API to be consumed by another application. How do I expose it?

The ultimate use-case is to pull {date:Value, total:value} once a month per robot running for various sites. POC is to prove out one site, one robot, one time call but I need to pull that data into another application.

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Hey @david.gilkey

This can be achieved in various ways,

But could you please explain a bit more like how the other application is going to utilise this kind of how many times and other details ?


More information would be helpful to suggest options but off the bat a couple would be

  • Push the data somewhere during your workflow (external queue, webhook, storage) monitored by the 3rd party application.
  • Set the Output of your Job or Queue Items, the 3rd party application can then query the Orchestrator API for the outcome of these items.
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