Exporting the output of Machine learning extractor

I have created an invoice processing robot where i used the Machine learning activity. Once the machine learning is done, i want the output of the Data extraction scope to be exported as CSV. or at least if possible i want each fields to be stored separately in variables of respective variable type. Example i am extracting vendor name, invoice amount, invoice date with the Machine learning extractor, and i want the output of these three fields to be extracted to respective variables. can this be done??

You cannot generate variables that correspond to your taxonomy fields automatically, but you could use the Export Extraction Results activity that will return a JSON file with keys and values. After having the results as JSON, we can implement basically any logic related to your process.
Good luck!

Hi, I did that. I got the output of the Export exception results activity in a json file. now i am stuck. i wanted to extract the values of the fields to individual variables

You can deserialize the json into a dictionary and then search into it. Use Newtonsoft.Json for this.
It is a better approach from a maintenance point of view - it will be easier to add or remove fields in the taxonomy without editing also variables. Also, if you have a large number of fields it is not recommended to create variables.