Exporting the car plate in the pictures to excel

Has anyone done a study that can analyze the pictures of the license plates of the vehicles?
My goal is to transfer the plate in the pictures to excel.
The background in the pictures is constantly changing.
Resolution is not stable.
I would be very grateful if you could guide me on the subject.

Hello @hb61
You can resize the images by using ImageAdjustment.Activities
Before inserting it into excel, resize the image and insert it.


My problem is scraping the numbers and letters in the picture. Every car has a license plate. Pictures of these plates were taken. I want to export the characters in the pictures to excel.

To extract Text from an Image, Use the OCR process

Refer to this thread, you may get some ideas

Hey @hb61 you can try using ABBYY OCR ,Google OCR or OMNI PAGE OCR as these three are more reliable than other OCR tools.
You can OCR activities to extract datas from images.

Thanks and Regards

Sreejith S S

Hello, I solved the problem with another integrated website that reads license plates. I upload every picture to the robot on the relevant site and print the output I get from here in excel.
OCR technology is unfortunately very poor. I couldn’t even get 50% success in all of them.
Thank you for your support.

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