Exporting PDF within RDP exports to outside RDP


I am having an issue with a client automation I am building involving the Open Accounts software and i am using a google chrome based RDP for development and eventually for the prod running of the automation.

The process involves me exporting a PDF from the Open Accounts local application, when doing the process manually it presents a Save As screen to save within the RDP (desired outcome).

When running the automation and replicating the steps the PDF automatically downloads to the downloads section of my local computer outside of the RDP session?

I don’t think this is actually a code/UiPath issue but wondered if anyone has any insight or had experienced anything similar before?



Sharing my thoughts. i am not sure how the download part is working when you are downloading the PDF manually. But chrome browser by default it will download the files into downloaders folder automatically.

To enable the option in the chrome browser to ask where to save the file option we have to follow the below settings. if we enable the settings each time when we download it will ask for the location to save so that we can give the location residing in our RDP. please have a look on the below link it night help your case i guess. thanks.

Hi Kirankumar,

I have changed the setting and the Save as option has appeared - it is however my local save as option and not the save as within the RDP/by Open Accounts.

The issue still persists and I can’t seem to figure out why :frowning:


In my organization we are using normal RDP to connect VM machines. sorry i dont have much experience on the Chrome RDP. but small thought from my side did you install the UiPath extension related to RDP. i am not sure whether it will work for chrome RDP. please give a try. thanks.


Would like to clarify one thing
whether is it repeating same when doing manually

Then i would suggest one thing
Have a shared drive mapped in your local and rdp so that when file saved in drive even outside rdp it can be accessible inside rdp as well

Cheers @Cameron_McMahon1

I can confirm that the UiPath extension relating to RDP is installed as well as the Google Chrome extension

Hi Palaniyappan,

No it isn’t. When I undertake the task manually a Save As box opens titled “Open Accounts - Save As” opens. When the automation is doing the task the box now appears saying just “Save As” and only shows Directories/files related to my local.

In regards to the shared map idea - This can’t work as the ‘Save As’ box that now appears is outside of the RDP session and can’t be automated as well as we would be reliant on all the SMEs sharing a drive to this particular RDP when we move to production - which isn’t feasible.

Any other ideas? :frowning_face:


When selecting the printer to Print to PDF using the Select activity the printer location or “where” was not updated. After removing the Select activity and replacing it with two clicks the printer has now updated and it is printing to the RDP and not the local machine.

Thank you to everyone for your ideas and help.