Exporting output data to browser


I have created a project in which I’m exporting data table as strings from multiple Excel sheets in the output section, image
from there I wanted to export the Output into empty fields in a web browser in the same sequence(for eg, 1st it will pick e,f,g,h, after that perform the task on web page, than jump to next string which is a,b,c,d.
How can I achieve this? Please help.


I assume you are using write line activity to output these lines. Instead of write line, use type into activity, indicate element on browser and pass this data to input field of the activity.


I am already using type into activity. Can you please explain more about this "indicate element on browser and pass this data to input field of the activity."


ok. I also assume you are passing a string variable name in write line activity. Pass that string variable name to type into activity.

Does this help? If not, is it possible to share your workflow so that I can tell exactly , which variable should be passed to type into activity

Hi @Sharma_Sania,

First create list.

Then after write line append 1st string on list with some seperator.

Then append 2nd string on same list.

So you will have your list with all string. Now use for each and split it by seperator.
Use that result in TypeInto