Exporting datatable

Couldn’t live my failure, so that brought me back to here.

Bad opening line aside, I am really really close to finishing my robot I’ve been working on and I need to reach out to the much smarter minds than mine for advice on how to fix something.

My workflow generates a datatable, and I’ve been exporting it to Excel to format, sort, and add items to it at the end of my process. It’s worked alright for the most part except I’ve implemented a new approach for how the table is generated and now the Excel activities I’m using seem to be a bit spotty.

I’m wondering if there is any alternative to formatting a datatable and exporting it to a PDF. I’d like to keep the same formatting I have in place currently, but not have to go through Excel to get it done.

I looked around and topics similar to this talk about extracting a datatable from a PDF instead of exporting it, so I’m here to ask if I can export a datatable, formatted how I’d like, to a PDF.

I need this for two reasons, 1) When I get back on my personal computer to continue developing this robot, I won’t have Excel and don’t want to pay for office since I use Google Drive for everything. If my workflow uses excel, I’m kind of in a bind at that point and the bot breaks. 2) It would be good for me to know that since all the formatting would be taking place in the background, done on the datatable, there wouldn’t be any issues with simulate click or type or send hotkeys (I’ve ran into a few of these at times for unknown reasons since I implemented the new method of generating the datatable)

If any of you could help me with this I would appreciate it. Every question I’ve asked on this forum has helped me make forward progress on my project so I really value the input I receive on the forum

The easiest would be to continue using excel. You can buy standalone licenses for quite cheap.

Another way would be to use an open source library for Datatable to PDF as mentioned here (Syncfusion): How to generate PDF report from datatable in C#, VB.NET | WinForms - PDF

or here (Migradoc): Exporting a DataTable to PDF - CodeProject

or various solutions mentioned here (iTextsharp, GIOS PDF, PDF Sharp): How to export datatable to PDF using C# windows forms - CodeProject