Exporting a process flow template from PDD to create a base framework


What is the use case ?

Need a functionality to export a process flow design template (Standard and provisioned by the vendor) to create a framework for any process automation.

How do you see a solution for the use case?

Before getting into solution,

Why is it required ?

  • Will help the rookies\beginners\developers in the RPA and domain with no experience in .Net
  • Lessens the burden/time for any developer who has hard time in creating a process framework.
  • Process flow design almost matching the xaml FlowChart representation makes the understanding better between both (What-Is-What?)


1) Creating a process flow from the template

With an assumption that we have ready-made template that complies ANSI symbols or any other\own standards. Also creation of those templates can be of any way to make the export much easier.

2) Mapping between the template and xaml flowchart

With reference to following the table, xaml can be made from exporting the process flow.
For Example: Any activities can be dragged and pulled with one xaml line of code by referring to description of the process.

3) Exporting to project framework

With one single click this export happens from which reads the created process flow using the template.

Some symbol references:

Note: “Yes ! Definitely its very tough to implement and comparative necessary less.”
With less exposure to programming environment and zero implementation knowledge, I
would like to share this. Sometimes this can even lights-up hidden necessity :wink:

Any Ideas\Suggestions are welcome ! 


  • Template
  • Automation Framework
  • RPA Documentation
  • Reusable Component
  • Machine learning model