Exported excel problem, all values under 1 column

Hey everyone,

I have an excel file which I export from SAP system.

The problem is exported excel is not formatted.
What I mean is every header and values are under “A” column.

How can I make robot reformat it so I can get the values under the headers. Because now its like:

12,Isiah,12.01.2000 etc.

I want number to be on A, name on B, date on C, you got the idea.
I would appreciate every bit of help.

Hi @berkaykor

Try this

  1. Read the datatable and store in dt1 varaible

  2. Use output datatable activitiy to out the Dr as string varaible type let’s say store in output varaible

  3. Use generate datatable activitiy to convert it into the datatable format with some settings

( If I remember there is a delimiter option where u can put ‘,’ as delimiter

Hope it helps

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Nived N :robot:

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I didnt get the 2nd part you wrote.

between the headers and values, there is white space and " ; " so its like:

Purch.Doc.; Item;Material;Short Text ; Created On;

(the white space is more than 1 space but forum only shows 1 space to avoid spam, i guess)

hi can u share screenshot of excel.for understanding ur query well @berkaykor

I shared it with u via message.

Use datatable :slight_smile:

Hi @berkaykor

Please check my response sent via message

Please check and let me Know ur feedback