Export to pdf (without using the saving path)

In our process we convert a docx into a pdf with the activity “export to pdf”.

the converted file is stored in a local path. When we test the process in studio locally everything works fine. But when we try to start a job from Orchestrator using a web API, the robot doesn’t have the rights to do it and an error is returned. Actually, in our case it’s almost impossible to give the rights to save something locally in a path when the job is started from Orchestrator and to use it after.

Question :

  1. Is there an other activity than “Export To PDF” to convert only from docx to pdf without storing the file in a path like “C:/…” ?
  2. Is it possible to store a file (docx and pdf) in a .net variable or in any other variable ? Like this, variable can be used after to send this file by mail without need to save the file locally.