Export to Excel Feature

Hello Studio Team,

your Export to Excel feature is great for analyzing of workflows and especially for the technical documentation of a bot. Many developers underestimate their necessity. Thank you very much for that possibility.

Each sequence and activity gets a leading number.


My suggestion is to add them optionally, perhaps with a message box
“Do you want to add numbering automatically?”
Yes or No.

In the case of transfer this to a technical documentation we can save their manual deletion.

Thanks and best regards

Thank you for the suggestion. We don’t plan to invest much into this feature but please describe your usecases so we know what is helpful and if it can be translated to a new tool or if we need to extend existing functionality.


Hello Alexandru,

thank you very much for your answer.

In the technical documentation of an automation workflow, in our case it is called the data processing concept, the process must be explained more in detail. This export function is a great approach to create a structure with a detailed content, which can be transferred to the technical documentation, in our case in the section program structure. This is to give an impression to our customers and to other RPA developers, for a better understanding how the bot works, e.g. for service and maintenance.

Best regards