Export the excel to local drive

Hi Friends,

Kindly suggest me with one query please as it is urgent now!
There is a citrix application configured in my automation so while exporting the excel, file is getting exported at the parh : “//Client/$C/FolderName/FileName”
however now we have removed Citrix and instead of in Citrix, the application is getting open in windows itself so I have changed the path to local drive as “C/FolderName/FileName” however I am still getting exception because it shows the file with “9KB” and while opening the file it shows blank records!! Kindly please please any suggestions!
It is really really urgent.

Thanks in advance!


When you open manually doe it have data?

Can you check if its the correct file…


Hey Anil,

I have checked manually still it is not showing any records however I thought if I am saving at any wrong path ! because I was saving the file with the same path manually. It is showing file is not exported successfully. Do you see need to update in path ? for saving it perfectly!

Thanks for your support

again data is there and one of the table row only i am exporting. So one row is there. And file shows 9kb however while opening it is showing blank!


Manually as well if data is not exporting then the issue definitely something else…can you show or walk theough steps what you are performing