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Hello first of all. I have tables on more than one page in word document, but there are variable texts at the beginning of each table. But the titles of the tables are always the same. Is there a way for me to export every table in this word to excel? I can also use word by changing it to pdf. I even made a pdf and used table extraction, but it only detects the table on the first page and not the other tables. I will be grateful if you could help me.

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Have a look below thread.

@busra.yilmaz Please go through below video

what is balareva?without balareva can we export word data to excel???


  • Balareva is a activities Package which contains different activities to work with Word, Excel etc. Please go through the below link and video that I posted before for more info
  • Also, you can try the below one

Hi @busra.yilmaz ,

Check the Below Workflow :
Extract_TablesFromWord.zip (13.9 KB)

OpenXml Methods are used in Invoke Code Activity to get the Tables from the Word, we then Convert the Tables into Datatable, Add it to the Dataset and Get the Dataset out from Invoke Code and Write all the Datatables to an Excel file.

Let us know if this gives out any Error, or if it didn’t work as Expected.

i m facing the problem data of column 1& column 2 should be stored in different column but it copied in same folder

@guptasweb ,

Could you provide us with Sample Document to Test ?

AAM-5Ref-150-01-Equipment Sourcing.docx (109.1 KB)