Export Script For ML Packages Are Failing

Resolution when the scripts for ML packages are failing to migrate the trained ML packages.

Export Script

./export.sh export_input.json

Where export_input.json


"hostOrFQDN": "myinternalAIC.com:31390",

"identityServerEndPoint": "internal-orchestrator.com",

"hostTenantName": "host",

"hostTenantIdOrEmailId": "admin",

"hostTenantPassword": "P@sswOrd123",

"tenantName": "DevTenant",

"projectName": "InvoicesProject",

"mlPackageName": "InvoicesFinal",

"mlPackageVersion": "8.3"


Error Message:

Resolution: Check the Orchestrator.dll.config.

As shown below, add an audience named “AiFabric-on-prem” as value. This gives permission to AI Fabric as an user, to fetch token from Identity server.

The below parameter need to be added in the Orchestrator.dll file.

If the issue persists. Have the fiddler Logs. Read more on Import Export ML Packages .