Export Package Changelog Details and Filter Package based on Version

How to export the Package Changelog (verbose text) and filter the Package based on version?

Issue Description: The process to export the Package Changelog details posted while publishing updates to processes on daily basis for all updated packages needs to be known. 

There is no direct way of querying the Orchestrator webpage to export the Package Changelog details. By verifying the RPA backend database, it is not possible to identify the tables which hold the package version changelog texts. 


Resolution: It is recommended to use API to get package details, than directly querying from the database.

API​​​ : GET /odata/Processes/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.GetProcessVersions(processId='{processId}')



How to mention specific parameters to get release notes for a specific process id and version? This can be achieved by using the following filters in the PowerShell script :





Thus by using API calls , the Package ChangeLog details can be exported and filters can also be applied in the powershell script to obtain specific package versions.