Export of Queue Report to other formats

Hi Team,

If possible can you please add an option to Export the queue report data to other file formats like Excel/PDF etc… Currently we have an option to dowload the report in CSV format only.

Hi Lakshman,

If the .CSV isn’t to your liking, I would suggest using the Orchestrator APIs to retrieve the queue items. This will return a JSON which can then be easily used/transformed to suit any additional requirements such as uploding to DB, ADF etc.


This method is preferred, probably because of size control. Even if changed, the queue item limit will be added.


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My manager and client wants this report in PDF format as we can’t edit pdf files. They will apply all required filters and download it when ever they want report.


You could potentially rebuild all the filters/information they require within Power BI visualizations and have the original export of CSV as the information source? This can then be exported to .PDF and would probably look a lot nicer than just a .PDF export.