Export Excel to PDF - New Text Written by Bot Missing

I am working on a process where we have an excel file with several worksheets, each of which is a variation on a template to use in a given circumstance. The process copies the appropriate worksheet into a new file, populates pertinent data into a datatable, then writes that datatable to the new template file once ready. After that, I am trying to export the Excel to PDF. I have tried both this and this package in order to accomplish this, and in both cases I encounter the same odd behavior - the contents of the file that were copied from the original template are present in the export, but the new data written by the bot is not.

In debug, I have confirmed that the data is written to the file and saved prior to the export. I have also confirmed that I am referring to the correct file in the export activity. Does anyone know what might be happening here?

Hy @jcarr79,

Please add the Package Creator to your linkedin account, his name is “Balamurugan Shanmugasundaram”.

I am sure he will answer all your questions!


Follow up - in lieu of using these activities, I sent hotkeys to Excel to trigger the built in export to PDF. The exported document still lacks that text written to the file by the Excel Scope Write Range activity. I’ve validated that the workbook is saved and the data is present. Before I end up opening a ticket with UiPath help, does anyone know why the info from a Write Range would not export into a PDF?

Check this thread. it has an activity excel to pdf