@Exploring user input validation

Hi Team,

I have one query regarding user input:
I am accepting the input from the user, need to fill it in username text box,
in my user name should be like Alex123 or 123Alex, I need to throw an error if user give 123455 as username and go back to the input dialogue to enter again.
It should accept only number and character and underscore.
How can I validate user input before going to further step?

Second case: FirstName should be only string, How can I apply regular expression for this in Uipath?


I have imported the name space System.Text.RegularExpressions to my Uipath

Can you clarify a bit on what is the wanted input?

Hi Topi,

Yes username name should accept only Alex123 or 123alex or alex_233 except only integer 1234. I have regular expression now, it is working.



Check this as well

Hi Vinay,

Thank you so much.