Explorer Expert usage

I’m a StepShot user and played around with the successor Explorer Expert.
I understood that is is based on StepShop User Guide application.
Unfortunately i see (for me) important features disappeared:

  • Settings to control how to capture screens
  • Publish Formats and targets

Will this come back? Is there a way to somehow define the settings how to control capture process?

Thanks for answers

Hi @docucrawler,

As part of the pivoting from StepShot to Expert we had to re-evaluate what are the most important things to have in product for its usecases.

Some exporting formats and settings will be re-added, but that would be guided based on customer feedbacks, as StepShot was overloaded with some things that were actually quite rarely used.


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Thank you for your reply.
Bringing back the settings for the capture process, like using CTRL+Click would help really a lot to improve efficiency in the capture process.

Thanks a lot for great work

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