Explorer Expert support to Mandarin language

Can someone pls. clarify on the below mentioned points related to Explorer Expert:

  1. Need to know whether Mandarin language is supported by the tool or not, i.e. text entered in mandarin language will be captured or not while creating PDDs.

  2. Can PDDs written in English language converted in Mandarin language, and vice versa.

  3. Whether tool captures Process variation or not.

Hello @Kailash_Mehra!

  1. Explorer Expert has been supporting English and Japanese languages since 2019.10.2 version (released on December 19th). You can change the app language using Help -> Language on the top menu panel.
    However, other languages supported by UiPath platform applications, which include zh-CN - Mandarin language, will be supported after 2019.10.4 version (approx. release date - 17th February).
  2. The language of default PDD template depends on the currently selected language in the application. Which is why only Japanese and English version are available for now. But again, when the Mandarin language will be supported by the app, the PDD will be available as well.
  3. I’m not sure I fully understand what do you mean by “capture Process variation”. Can you please provide an example of how do you see it or maybe just provide a more precise description?

Thank you,