Explanation requiered about "To be EOL as of May 1 for new customers" fot Attended robot license

Hello to all

I need to buy some Attended Robot license, but in the latest License file that I got from partners web page, there are many diferences between this version and the old one.
Particulary I need a Stand alone Attended Robot license (without any kind of orquestration), and in the file, the license has the comment “To be EOL as of May 1 for new customers”.

I have searched the web for an explanation of the sentence “To be EOL as of May 1 for new customers”, but I haven´t found anything about it.

Can someone from Uipath explain me if this license is still active for buying? Or If it´s going to be disconntinued in the future?? Can I recomend a client to buy this???
Please, I need this information ASAP.
THank you in advance

Licencing is very specific to region and other things, so the best advise i can give you is to contact your sales representative for accurate information about it…