Explanation of arguments used in GetTransactionData in RE framework


I was reading documentation of REFramework to understand the in/out parameters in each xaml workflow.

My questions are from the above attached table.
1)I am confused with the meaning of transaction number and transaction ID.
2)What is the difference between TransactionItem and TransactionData.
3)What does transactionField1 and TransactionField2 do?

Thank you for taking out time to reply (In advance !)

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Usually Get TransactionData state is used to get the data that we are going to process one by one in the process state. So for that we are getting the transaction item from the xaml for each iteration and is used in the process state which involves these in and out arguments

TransactionData - is actually a Collection of Data like List, datatable, Array, queues, etc
TransactionItem - is actually a single part of data obtained from the TransactionData by mentioning the index position so that we will be getting the value at that index, which can be like datarow, queue item, string or an int32 value from a list or array
TransactionNumber - It’s the index that we were talking about in the previous point, that is with that only we will be getting the transaction item from the TransactionData. So this transaction number will be used to iterate through the TransactionData and get the TransactionItem
TransactionID - it’s the identifier of the transaction item we are retrieving. It can used as a identifier like a reference variable of type string which store the value of each transaction which can be used as a reference if any exception occurs so that it can be used in the set transaction status that this transaction id got failed on processing
TransactionField1 and TransactuonField2
These two fields are obtained from transaction item
So if we are getting any data from a datarow or a queue then Each item in the queue or each row column value in a datarow is assigned to these TransactionField1 and TransactionField2 and … it goes in TransactionFieldn… till how far we have

Hope this would help you
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This explanation is very good.Thank you so much.
By the way,are we supposed to understand all this by seeing the XAML.
Or the documentation as elaborate as you said can be found somewhere.

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Here you go
REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

Cheers @Vidya_Srinivasan

I have this document.But the explanation isnt as clear as the one you gave.
So asked !

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usually i read from this pdf only buddy
no worries
you can ping us anytime for any clarifications
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do we have any further details to be discussed
Kindly let us know
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tats all for now…Will mark your answer as solution to help people in future !
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No worries :slight_smile:
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