Explain this expression

a variable is assigned this expression.

in_ValidationFolderPath+"" + Convert.ToDateTime(in_ProdMonth).Year.ToString + “” + Convert.ToDateTime(in_ProdMonth).ToString(“MM”) +"" +in_Config(“reportsFolder”).ToString +"\tempLeaseTotalsUploadReport"+now.ToString(“yyyyMMdd’T’HHmmssff”)+".xlsx"
Kindly explain each term in it

please explain this with example using test values for variables in the expression.

Hi @Gaurav07
Probably it will help you.

  1. in_ValidationFolderPath --> This is your ‘in’ argument for flow.declared somewhere in main flow.

  2. Convert.ToDateTime(in_ProdMonth).Year.ToString -->“in_ProdMonth” is your ‘in’ argument and it is probably date-in string format.you are converting string to date here.after conversion into date you are taking only YEAR from converted date.

  3. Convert.ToDateTime(in_ProdMonth).ToString(“MM”) --> it’s separate the month from in_ProdMonth variable.

  4. in_Config(“reportsFolder”).ToString -->in your configuration file(RE frmeworks->data folder->config.xlsx file) have declared file path as name “reportsFolder”

  5. “\tempLeaseTotalsUploadReport” --> is you constant string

  6. now.ToString(“yyyyMMdd’T’HHmmssff”) -->today’s date with time format of year -month-date-hrs-m-s.

7 ) and with adding this all you are getting one xlsx file.