Explain about excel table

explain about excel table for name and marks


Kindly elaborate your query pls
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I hope you are asking the question about?

How to store excel data as data table and how to get the data column wise from row . am i right ?

  1. Use Excel application scope - to access excel application
    2.Use Read Range - to store the data in data table variable
  2. Use For each row - then assign data table variable into For Each row
  3. use Get row item - to get the column wise data which ever you want.

Please note that while using Get row item. Mention the column index or column name on property pane.

What is column Name?
ColumnName - The name of the column whose value is to be retrieved from the DataRow. If this property is set, then the ColumnIndex property is ignored.

what is column index?
ColumnIndex - The index of the column whose value is to be retrieved from the DataRow.

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