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I´ve a question:

Using the regutil info, this is the info obtained:


Which means that the expire date is: 07/06/2018

But if i check the UiPath Studio Help info, this is the information obtained:


Which means that the expire date is in 33 weeks… completely different than the regutil info.

Which one is the reliable information?

hi @Brett22

Check the below post

Ashwin S


Thanks, but it didn’t provide me any further information, just the Regutil info and the UiStudio Help info, and these two dates don’t match.


Hi Brett,

Indeed, this is confusing and has been solved in 2018.1.3 version. The real expire date in your case is the one in Studio (Expires in 33 weeks).

In the release notes for 2018.1.3 version it is stated that “The get-info Regutil command now also displays the date on which your license expires, in the Subscription expire date field”.

License expire date that you currently see is in fact the next time the license is going to be checked by the licensing server. By default, this is checked every 30 days.

Please let use know if this is clear enough and we’re waiting for any suggestions.


Hi Ovi,
Completely clear!!!
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Hi Ovi,

I´ve updated to 2018.1.4 and now is working properly both CMD and UiPath Help Tab

Thanks in advance.