Experiment Proved that the Extraordinary in an Ordinary Environment does not Shine

Here a quotation of a post at LinkedIn which I read last week, with an interesting conclusion:

A violinist played 45 minutes on the New York subway. 4 people stopped and one clapped, and the violinist managed to raise 20 dollars.

The following night, the same violinist played in one of the most recognized stages in the world and charged a minimum of $100 per audience.

The experiment proved that the extraordinary in an ordinary environment does not shine. There are brilliant professionals who do not receive a reward according to their potential. But, once they arm themselves with value creation abilities and leave this wrong kind of environment for the right one, they thrive and grow.

When you are not in the right place, people will walk by and not notice how exceptional you are. So, make sure you are in the right place that not just values you but rewards you correctly for your value.