Experiencing multiple application errors while doing training

Dear Uipath team,
I was really excited when starting this training week BUT, unfortunately I encounter application errors almost at each step of the training. Thus, this makes it impossible for me, to continue the training and follow the next week courses.
To top it all of, your forum prevents me from posting messages as I have already posted 3 messages ( people reply kindly but I can’t answer anymore, that is not very practical)…
The latest problem and the reason why I am posting this message relates to Excel. I followed your instructions to the letter and unfortunately got stuck with the same error over and over again. Pls see screen shot .

I do have two requests:

  • as a Romanian I am really proud to have a RO company as UiPath on the market. But I really would hope for a better software experience.
  • restricting the forum to 3 replies/topic is absolutely counter-productive. It prevents people from solving problems and moving forward.

thank you very much for considering my input and for your help.

While you wait for the reply about your issue, I can assure you that the limit of posts should not bother you too much :slight_smile:

See below site settings:

Plus, to remove the status of new user, all you have to do is browse our Forum a bit :slight_smile:
(see here for details)