ExpenseIT API for SAP Concur


I’m trying to do some automation in SAP concur and was wondering if anyone knows how to access the ExpenseIT API. At the moment there is a concur mobile app that allows you to snap a photo of a bill/invoice and it will do an OCR on it detecting amount/date and some other information. Sadly, I cannot find this functionality on the PC. I’ve searched for concur APIs and found some basic post/get for uploading/downloading images but none with the OCR capabilities of the app. Do any of you know how to access that?

(or point me in a direction that might help without having to create a taxonomy myself for each type of invoice/bill as that is not scalable at all)

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If I’m not mistaken, you need credentials to access the API. But you have to “buy” them from concur directly.
You won’t have access to the API without them, you’ll have to check in your contract

Have fun with Uipath x Concur (it’s extremely hard without API)

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