Expand excel cells

My problem is that activities such as write cell, expand a cell and in a for each where I have to change or record data, the cells are expanded to such a degree that it damages the excel file and it becomes unusable

normal cells

expanded cells

anyone know, why does that happen, when using write cell constantly

Thanks a lot

Hi the cells are not getting expanded…
and are perfectly usable.
you just need to drag the cell in the readable amount once the file is loaded.

according to the pictures posted i understood this,
please let me know if i’m wrong

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Here I show some images of how the excel in sheet 1, it shows a cell that occupies the entire sheet and that is not satisfactory

While the last sheet shows the data well

Are there packages that allow to control the expansion of cells in excel?

or someone similar problem happened when working with thousands of data

Well I did not find the reasons why activities such as write cell or write range, after being activated thousands of times in a row, generated this error

but i found a solution

a package excelextension.activities of uipath, which in one of its activities allows the adaptation of the cell to the content

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