Exits a test upon failure

Hi ,

I am evaluating UIPath studio for RPA for my organization using 60 day free trial version. I would like to know how to exit test globally when an element does not exists in screen?

I have added ElementExists activity and assigned the output to a Boolean variable ‘BooleanIsLoginPageLoaded’.In the next lineI want to add a conditional statement to check if BooleanIsLoginPageLoaded = False and exit the test execution when the value of variable is False.

Can anyone help me to achieve the same?

Also i don’t see database integration under APP integration in my trial version. Is this available only for licenced version?

Hey @libin

You can terminate you workflow execution by using “Terminate Workflow”. and also you can use “Throw” activity as well.
and handle these thing inside “Try-Catch” Activity.

No … have you installed this package?


Thanks.Can you share any document on how to install packages?

Hey @libin

You can install packages by using package manger. i am assuming here you are using latest stable version of UiPath so please hit ctrl+p inside UiPath and their type “UiPath.Core.Activities” and also please click on “Available > All” in the left side pan.

Let me know if you have some doubts regarding this. and please go through will other forum threads. all such informations are available already.