Exit from a Do sequence


I have a mouse/key recording “Do” sequence called from a main .xaml flow.

If a particular dialog pops up during the recorded sequence, I want to exit from the “Do” sequence and return control to the calling main .xaml file. Is this possible? I don’t want to terminate the whole sequence. Just the recorded sequence.


  • Use element exist, indicate the pop up window.
  • If element exist is true, then process the sequence.

Hello darrens,
the dialog box can appear on anytime during the Do sequence or there is a specific stage where it appears?
If it appears at a specific stage do as Vivek has told you, otherwise let us know because it will depend on how your sequence is made.

It will appear at a specific point. So I check for element exists. If at this point element exists = true, I want to exit the do sequence at this point and return to the main calling .xaml file and continue processing.

Thanks for your help.