Exit a job when a condition is met

I want to exit a job when a certain condition is met. Not just simply exit a workflow but stop the robot complete.
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If you are using REFramework, then add a new state from that statemachine to move to EndProcess.

If you are not using REFramework, then use Terminate Workflow and skip all other workflows by passing an argument.

Else use an asset and set it value in the condition when it met, after that check in all the workflow for the same asset and execute based on that, but don’t forget to reset the asset to default value in the beginning of the process.

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Thanks for your prompt reply but I’m completely new to this matters.
I have no idea whether I use REFramework. How do I pass arguments that skip all the other workflows. Nor have I any idea on how to use an asset. I’ve inherit this RPA from a clooeague who has left the building :wink:

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