Existing licence key extended for one week

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I have an unattended license key which was about to expire, the same key is now extended, for one week I have updated the orchestrator by generating a new license file, so I want to know what Will this work for studio or not, if it does, how do I update same license key for the studio.


You can check from the license page of the Orchestrator

Also you can try connecting Robot / Assistant with Orchestrator

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@Srini84 ,

Thank you for your response.

License date is updated in orchestrator, do I need to separately update the studio as it was the same license key used for the activating unattended studio and robot agent is also connected

@Srini84 ,

Orchestrator has updated which means the robot is also updated right?



If the license provider is of Orchestrator, then it will work


Once again thank you @Srini84, I have the same see below it will work untill orchestrate licence right?



Try to check as per the below thread

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Hi @vivek.gupta ,

I assume that you are talking about production orchestrator. Prod orchestrator would usually get 14 days grace period from UiPath. in this time we can get our renewal for existing licenses. and also note that non prod orchestrator we wont get any grace period.

Mostly we would not allocate any studio licenses from prod orchestrators and we will behaving robot licenses. i am not sure do you have studio license available in the prod orchestrator. in that case we have to check whether we have received the studio(developer) license along with orchestrator. in this scenario our studio also will get extension with the orchestrator. But there is another scenario like if we get separate license for studio developer license it would have have separate expiry date you could review in the licenses section in the orchestrator. thanks.


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That means in My case studio will also get an extension with the orchestrator

Your welcome. Yes if you bought studio developer license with orchestrator as single license key. you would get extension for studio automatically.

For studio and Orchestrator has the Same key in licence file

Cool in this case no worries.

I have updated licence only in orchestrator is it enough or I need to again put license key in studio to applied grace period

Please refer to the studio screenshot

I think you are using un attended robot license for studio. Basically you should use development license that is the reason it is throwing warning message. Are we using this studio for dev or trouble shoot purposes like before deploying the process in prod checking your flow from studio. I assume you installed studio in robot machine I guess.

For your question of studio is consuming licenses from orchestrator in our case it is consuming un attended robot license from orchestrator so we don’t need any extra steps for studio.

i am using an unattended robot license key earlier i have used the same for migration but now the case is I have generated and updated the license text file using the existing 18 digit activation key on the orchestrator do I need to separately to put 18 digit key again in studio for grace period or it will automatically applied.

Warning is not an issue

Warning is not issue. It is just giving warning like you should use this studio for troubleshoot. As mentioned earlier as it is consuming license from orchestrator. You already got extension so you no need to do separately for your studio.

If you still have any questions and concern on your extension of your licenses please contact uipath support team they will give more clarification. Thanks. Have a nice day.

Thank you @kirankumar.mahanthi1 , only this is what I want to know

Your welcome Vivek.

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