Existing Customer - Download MSI Installer?

We are an existing customer currently running version 2018.2 of Orchestrator, Studio and Robot, and are looking to upgrade to 2019.x shortly.

I assume we do not have to download the Community editions, correct? How do we go about downloading the new Windows installers? I attempted to go to the download URL that was used for this purpose a year ago, and that link is no longer valid.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience… thank you!

Tom Clukay
Mapfre USA

Also, I have a “part two” to this question… do we have to upgrade Studio, Robot AND Orchestrator to 2019.x all at the same time?

Or can we update Orchestrator to 2019.x first and then upgrade Studio and Robot later?

Put another way, is Studio 2018.2 and Robot 2018.2 compatible with Orchestrator 2019.x?

Thanks again.

Hi @tclukay,
Regarding “part two” please see the compatibility list from here:

Regarding Studio/Robot MSI. You don’t need to install community edition. Log into https://platform.uipath.com go to Resource Center section and here you have Studio EE .msi:

Regarding Orchestrator installation file please contact here:

or use this form for getting installer:

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Thanks @Pablito … I see that I’m going to have to perform a “big bang” install, since it doesn’t look like 2018.2.x Studio and Robot is going to play nice with an upgraded Orchestrator… darn.

Regarding the Resource Center you suggested I log into, I don’t seem to have an account that allows me to log in. Can I just create that myself? Or do I need to work with an account rep to get that set up (so I can download installers and such)? Thanks!

You can create an account or when contacting for Orchestrator MSI you can also ask about Studio MSI :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I know I’m probably testing your patience now, but I do have another question that has come to mind…

When we upgrade to 2019.x from 2018.2.4, will all of our existing processes that were built with the 2018.2.4 version of Studio work “as is” on their 2019.x counterparts? Any compatibility issues I should know about at that level? Anything that has to be “rebuilt” to work with 2019?

Someplace in the documentation I can go to read about that, perhaps?

Thanks again.

I’m here to help, so you’re not testing my patience :slight_smile: In theory such upgrade shouldn’t cause any problem but I have in mind that some of basic activities changed a little their design. I would rather suggest doing small steps here and test everything. If you have possibility to backup Orchestrator and one of Studio machine it would be great. You can start firstly with upgrading packages to the newest possible versions and test if workflows are working fine. Then having still backup of Orchestrator and Studio machine just update those two and test how it will behave with newer version of Studio and Orchestrator. And remember that for Enterprise Users like you we have always Technical Support available. :wink:

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