Exel manipulation

Hello guys!
i`m assaigned to autmate an excel sheet with some tricks that i want to accomplish ,
the excel sheet for call center report
so the sheet have a lot of col thay i only need 3 and already done that
in the main col the name of the agent dublicated to 3 or 4 times depends on how many times he logged in and out per day ! like (A) logged 2 times
name AHT case handled
A 00:50:00 19
A 00:10:00 2
A (sum) 01:00:00 21 (Sum) also
the sum row isnt fully filled so i want to fill it and then pick it up only for his total work
can you help guys

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@omarmohamed93 Can you share sample excel input and expected output?

Hi @omarmohamed93,
What value do you want to fill. can explain the issue with example or share excel.

Hi @omarmohamed93

Have you already try to create a xaml for this.

Maybe you can share some screenshots of excel or if you have a created xaml please share it to address it easily.

cheers :smiley:

Happy learning :smiley:

Hello thanks for responding in such short notice .
i`ve made it through excel by using shortcuts
to summerize my solution here it goes
into excel sheet set the range for the col. i wanted to SUM its blanks
then used send Hotkey activity :wink:
(ALT + H + F + D + S + K + Enter) that shortcut will highlight the blank in that col.
then used ( Alt + “=” ) to make use of the auto sum and it worked like a charm !
this is an example for what i needed

thanks again and hope this will help someone …

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