Executor start process failed, reason System.UnauthorizedAcessException

Scenario: I’m trying to program a sheduled task on the windows scheduler

Steps to reproduce: so it was working fine to run from command lines with this .bat: (path_to_uirobot.exe) /file:“C:\Users\glarr\OneDrive\Respaldo\Trabajo\McDonalds\UiPath_resp\Repos\UnlockWindowsSession\Main.xaml” /input:"{‘qty’:‘2’}" /executor /target:“UiPath”

But then when i config the task with the: “Execute even if locked user session”; then i start getting this error:


Current Behavior: Not running by this error

Expected Behavior: Run, when i execute manually the scheduled task and then when i config a trigger on some moment when the windows is locked

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version: app-17.1.6589

OS Version: Windows 10 Home

I try to do it from the Orchestator, but it doesn’t work either!


I fix this last, with using only “Background” operations. But i think is not enough, for cases where the program doesn’t support this ones.

Would be awesome to allow by starting a process, to literally log on the user windows session as a human would do to!..not a chance? (this is really an important improvement, because in some cases we can’t really have the session logged when the robot y scheduled tu run! [also usin a VM on Azure, this is a problem because the same])