Execution Trails

Couple of Suggestions if I may on Execution Trail

Could it auto open collapsed sequences so you can visually see it move through the workflow. Going in and opening all manually would suck.

Could it scroll the page as if the sequence is more than a page long you don’t see it working through the sequence

Could it when going through flow decisions highlight which path was taken, I have a flow that has 2 decisions but the both end up in the same place with a little difference in the background in between. It would nice to be able to visually see which decision was actually taken.


If you run the process in Debug mode then you will find all those things you mentioned above.

I do and it doesn’t

I also think that all activities with ContinueOnError = True should display the “red icon” if the execution fails. Currently it display the “green icon” which give us a false positive of what actually happened.