Execution time per transaction in RE without queues

Hello all,
I am using REf framework without queues. Read each row from excel and perform actions on a app.

  1. Is there a way to get time taken per transaction/item without having to put start time and end time and do a subtraction?
    Goal is to get each transaction times of each item and do average to get average handle time of a BOT.

  2. I am seeing a parameter- total execution time used in logs by few. Will this give me what I am looking for? Or is it for getting full process cycle (after completing all items in a process)


Hello @murali.yk

Have you scheduled it in orchestrator?? If yes, you can check the log generated. The execution time will be there in the logs.


Hi @murali.yk,

You can get the average duration by dividing the total time by the total number of items, but I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for?


Thanks for replying. Forgot to mention that it is attended bot which would be launched by specialist from assistant. Also, note that we aren’t using queues.
Even in this case can we see execution time per transaction?

Thanks for replying. I will explore this option.
Any direct way from logs to see execution per individual transaction/item?

Normally, the robot does this in case of a status change in the set trascation activity. However, since you don’t have a queue structure, you actually turn REF into a big for loop by switching to datarow. That’s why you have to keep the time in it.

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Got it. Thanks MY. So without queues only option is to 1. have total time/no. of transactions for average time and 2. put start and end time at the start and end of each transaction to get individual time right?

Hi @murali.yk

You can also work on Log files to get the required information (in your case-execution time per transaction).

Please go through the attached xaml, which creates an excel report using the Log file.
It is very useful in attended scenario

LogToDashboard.xaml (23.9 KB)

It is to give an idea, how you can work with log file.

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