Execution of the robot from bat file, it only works when the wizard is restarted

I successfully managed to run a model robot from a bat file with the following code
(Because the orchestrator has a limit of pcs, I decided to use this method to start the robot)

C:\…\UiRobot.exe execute --file “C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages\Test.bat.file.1.0.1.nupkg”.

But I noticed, that it only works once, when I click it again and start it, it only opened for a few seconds the console and closed it, and that is not the expected behavior of the robot (The same behavior happens if I use the xaml or json file instead of the nupkg).
Image of the cmd console open only for a few seconds

When I closed the uipath wizard and reopened it, I was able to run my robot normally from the bat file, and following those rules, I can run my robot, restarting the wizard at each execution.

Is this behavior normal?
Is it necessary to restart the wizard at each run?
Is there a solution to make the bat file work without having to be restarting the wizard?

Characteristics of the programs:
so: w7 sp1
uipath: studio pro 2021.2.0-beta.44

I am waiting for your help?

Hi @borismh,

Can you please describe what kind of process are you trying to run? Does the process end before you try to run it the second time?

Best regards,

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hello, the process is to open a notepad and write information on it, as I was testing this bat file functionality, I set up a simple process

the process cannot end before, because one of its tasks is to open the notepad and then record information on it.

I am waiting for your help

Hi @borismh

I wanted to pick up the topic to clarify some things.

The Windows 7 support has been officially dropped a while ago, as per this page:

It doesn’t mean that this is directly related to the operating system, but it could be.

Do you wish to schedule more processes on 1 robot at once? Otherwise, could you maybe further explain your use case a bit, as to why the bat file execution helps you achieve what is not possible via Orchestrator or Assistant? (for example, it is possible to run multiple background processes and start them from UiPath Assistant, see here)


Thanks :relaxed:

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