Execution logs improvement

Hi UiPath,

Needless to say that logs are central in the RPA development.

Here is a list improvement which could highly increase the productivity of studio users:

Searchable logs

Being able to search, filter and highlight logs in the output panel via a search box would be a great help to identify an issue or simply ensure that the bot ran as we expected.


Adding feature on the output panel to highlight part of the logs depending on what it contains.
Let’s take the example of a file path - It would be great to be to have it highlighted in Blue and being able to open the file in just a click with the default program associated to the extension.

Formatting numbers, date etc… would also give some valuable visibility.

Log exceptions by default and link it to the faulted activity

Logging exceptions (regardless if they are caught or not) in a standardized way including the source on the log file, having a hyperlink connected to the faulted activity would be game changing and would save a huge amount of time debugging complex and nested workflows.

New log level - Business & more

It is very often that we have to log something in between information and warning.
Also, we may want to segregate part of logs and address them only to the Business user/Process owner for reporting purpose.
This new log level could later find its use for reporting log in the Orchestrator or other visualization tools such as Kibana.

Permit user to add its own log level associated would also be interesting but more tedious to standardize.


Hi @Florent_Salendres

Could you review this bit of feedback from the perspective of the recent release? :slight_smile: