Execution error: "System.Exception: Value cannot be null.\r\nParameter name: path2" when starting a job in Orchestrator

Hi all,

i get following error message when starting a job from orchestrator - any idea what the cause and solution could be? Works fine if I run it from my computer…


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Hi @nicklas.eichelmann

While executing the job have you added the values in the queue or in the excel sheet

Ashwin S

The Value “path2” seems to be null. Please check whether value is present

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Hey @AshwinS2
the values are in an excel sheet.

The problem is, that I didn’t specify a variable (or anything else) called “path2”. I am not sure what it is referring to…

Check the Assets in orchestrator if you have defined anything in it.

Can you check your project.json in this project and see if the main tag points to existing workflow?

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no, the main leads to “null” → what should it point to (and in what format)? - i never worked with the project.json before…

@andrzej.kniola thanks! fixed the json file and it worked