Execution based on the excel records

I have 2 different process and each process is going to execute based on the excel records.

For example process-1 is going to execute 10 times(10 records in excel) and process-2 going to execute 20 times(20 records in excel)

how we can use the robot efficiently?

Consider Process 1 is high priority and process 2 is lowest priority.
I have only one robot in Prod

Hello @prashant_sharan,

do you mean that robot should execute a process based on excel record? the process which has less record than other process that process must start executing
please correct me if I said wrong?


yes, robot need to execute both the process in efficient manner.

I am getting "Type into ‘INPUT ownersel’ : Column ‘Policy owner’ does not belong to table " error while filling the data from excel sheet(sheet have Policy owner column)

Hey @prashant_sharan

It is clearly saying The column name does not belong to datatable so check either for leading or trialing space in your column name or cross check with your excel header for space issues :slight_smile: