Executing Node Command with Envoke Powershell - Compile error

I’m trying to Cypress via node command (web UI automation) via Envoke Powershell

"npx cypress run --browser chrome --spec “cypress/integration/all_product_lines/TC1wysiwygReportPerpetual/e2e-xin-first.js”

Note the exact command in PowerShell or CMD is:
npx cypress run --browser chrome --spec "cypress/integration/all_product_lines/TC1wysiwygReportPerpetual/e2e-xin-first.js

But I’m getting a compile error this:

I think it’s because of the quotes in the middle, but I have no clue how to fix this

Question2: How Can I extract “Run Finished”?

Question3: is there a way to invoke PowerShell and maintaining it open
so I can see the errors without running multiple scripts?
Something like initializing PowerShell (In framework) then just have multiple activities that insert and copy the output or is it a better solution to isolate them in small scripts? I need to check whether this process is done before running something else

Hi @danielvianna ,
For running powershell scripts you could check this method: